Marine communication headsets for Marine Safety Helmets.

Our proposition is simple, a waterproof headset that connects to a PAS028 Marine Safety helmet affording communications via radio/intercom in loud environments. Using only the highest quality components. ‘Field Repairable’ on ship and warrantied without question.

Fast Response Craft

A fast response craft at even 20 Knots is not a quiet place. A headset means VHF communications can be clearly received and transmitted increasing operational efficiency and crew safety.

When interfaced to a ‘handheld’ radio, a crew member may safely be disembarked and maintain communications to the vessel, shore-based or air assets.

Fishing / Support Vessels

The deck of a trawler/pot vessel is equally noisy and instructions from the bridge may be received clearly, again enhancing deck safety,

When interfaced to an intercom system, communications and situational awareness is enhanced.


Headsets are designed to be as robust as possible. Over the years we have discovered that making equipment ‘fisherman proof’ or ‘soldier proof’ is impossible. We do however guarantee our equipment and warranty against everything but the blindingly obvious physical abuse.

Microphones are either inherently waterproof Knowles Electret Wp series or low impedance dynamic.

Speakers are mylar coned .85W tuned to the human voice KHz and providing the legal maximum sound pressure where necessary.

Construction of main components is from a solid bar of Acetal machined to size for robustness and imperviability to commonly found aggressive liquids such as saltwater and fuel oils.

Cabling is usually UPVC to resist UV light and connectors unless specified will be IP67 or use original radio manufacturer cables.

Headsets may be interfaced to all manner of hand-held radios, intercoms or fixed radios. Everything from multiband military to faithful VHF/UHF.

‘Off book’ use is always welcomed and indeed encouraged. Our team of engineers have yet to be beaten when it comes to working out an interface.

What YOU need.

As manufacturers our products are not for sale directly to end users, we prefer to work with partners in a geographical market who know the local needs and language,

We can tailor solutions specifically to your needs.

Whether that is headsets for a specific radio type (we hold over 1,000 radio cables in stock and are dealers for radio manufacturers.) 

Or if you wish to specify a solution bespoke to your customer, we are happy to do so. Just drop us an email, visit out the facebook page, or call us.

Modesty and non-disclosure agreements forbid. but our headsets and solutions span the globe from military, rescue and major fishing fleets.